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The Divided

The Divided

Who are you, and where are you from? Who are your band members?

We are ‘The Divided’ from Eastbourne, a small town on the South coast of England. The band is made up of Johnny (Vocals), Sam (Guitar and Vocals), Alex (Guitar), Laurien (Bass) and Dan (Drums).

What genre(s) do you play? Which bands most inspire you?

We all bring together a variety of influences to form our melodic metalcore sound, blending melodies and ambience with heavy and bouncy music that gets people moving. We are hugely influenced by many metal and hardcore bands who are pushing the envelope. We love listening to new sounds and all go out looking for new music we want to listen to. We definately aren’t lazy music fans and love to discover new stuff.

Tell us a bit about how you formed. What attracted you to each other musically?

The band originally formed with Johnny (Vocals) and Dan (Drums) and some other local musicians. It was over the course of a year and through various stages that the band was formed and the first shows emerged. We feel we’ve got to the point with our line-up now where we have it exactly how we want it to be. Johnny (Vocals) commands the audience’s attention with his powerful shouts and screams, Sam (Guitar and Vocals) brings the melodies both instrumentally and vocally, Alex (Guitar) brings the heavy riffs and with Laurien (Bass) and Dan (Drums) supplying the booming foundations we produce something that we love to play and love to hear. We hope other people do to.

Were any of you in any bands previously? Any stories about them?

We have all been in bands previously that have had varying degrees of local and national success. In the past some of us have even played different instruments in our previous incarnations, for example Johnny has done both vocals and bass and Sam has played both drums and guitar. At one point or another we were all also part of local band ‘Tread The Sky’ so we very much came together as a child of the local scene. Previous bands have played shows/toured with bands such as Eyes Of A Traitor, Architects, InMe, Evita and Johnny Truant. However we are all agreed that out of all our efforts, ‘The Divided’ has so far been the most successful.

What’s happening for you in the next year? Any plans to tour, or release records?

This year will be a real important one for us. We are currently in the process of finishing off our second ‘two track’ which will be available for free download soon. We’ve got shows lined up all over the place and a variety of tour plans in the pipeline. If we’ve not been to a city yet the chances are we’ll be playing a show there this year, spreading the word and meeting new bands and people who like what we are doing. Most importantly of all, we are currently working on writing and pre-production for a mini-album which we will be releasing Summer 2011 followed by shows in every town or city that will have us. This year is all about more shows, more merch, more music and more people hearing us and hanging out with us.

What are your ambitions as a band? Where do you see yourselves in five years?

We all have the same passion for music and the real important thing for us is to be doing something that we enjoy. We’d love to leave our mark on the scene nationally and ideally internationally and we feel that we could achieve this. The interest in the band in just under a year has really surpassed all of our expectations, we’ve teamed up with The Origin Agency, had lots of radio airplay, featured in Kerrang! magazine and played lots of great shows. Who really knows what will happen in the next five years but we are all really excited to find out. We will definately be pushing ourselves hard to achieve more and becomer a stronger, tighter unit. Whatever happens we’ll carry on making music we love and sharing it with people.

Why should people come see you live, or listen to your records? What makes you stand out from all of the other bands out there?

For us there is nothing more energising and exciting than playing to whole load of people, new people or familiar faces. Our live show is high energy and whether you are wanting to get right in the middle of it or watch from the wings, there is something to enjoy for most metal and hardcore fans. In a sentence, we are an energetic and engaging live band. People get involved and if you know the lyrics you’ll be getting a microphone pointed your way. We feel that this energy comes across in our recordings too and we know for a fact people party to it. We love that!

All the best bands have enemies. Who are your enemies? Could you beat them in a fight? We need to hear about the beef.

We really don’t like to have enemies, we are all generally a passive bunch. I’m not saying there hasn’t been times when people or bands have made us angry in the past. We have probably done the same to other people and maybe somewhere someone is saying stuff about us. Not everyone gets on all the time. We generally don’t let that get involved in the band. Although Sam (Guitar and Vocals) has a big mouth and gets us into trouble occasionally we would prefer to chat about problems than fight. That said, we could beat anyone in a fight. Johnny (Vocals) can lift entire sofas with one arm, no joke. You have to see it to beleive it.

Anything else you’re burning to say?

That’s pretty much covered it. To anyone who hasn’t heard us, check us out. Download our 2010 demo free from our Facebook page and share it with your mates and most importantly keep up to date with our shows, we’ll be coming to see you very soon.




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Feb 7, 2011
12:15 pm
#1 Lee :

Seriously sick band all round!! Can’t wait for these guys to get an album out!

Feb 24, 2011
12:50 am
#2 Keira Jess May :

This band are amazing. Fit bunch too (:

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